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Below is a showcase of my latest articles and publications. Also see Author Page here.

Top 20 Most Popular Types of Blogs in 20

The most popular types of blogs and what makes them successful. From food and fashion to lifestyle blogs, I've outlined topic ideas, templates and examples.

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Everything you need to know about video marketing in one guide. From types of marketing videos to creating your video marketing strategy, let’s dive in.


Find out how to create a marketing strategy that fuels business growth. This guide walks you through the best marketing strategies plus outstanding examples. 

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Here are 100 podcast names together with strategic tips to help you come up with podcast name ideas. Learn how to secure a podcast name and showcase your show.

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Improve your blog SEO and get more readers to your posts. These blog SEO best practices show you how to keyword research, understand intent, linking and more. 

Share your knowledge with your audience with one of these 104 podcast topics. Learn what makes a good show as seen by these best podcast ideas.  

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This guide takes you on the journey of how to start a travel blog. We dive into it all, from choosing a travel niche and template to making money travel blogging. 


Landing pages are critical for capturing leads and growing your business. Learn about the different types of landing pages and how to use them to be successful. 

Marketing trends in 2022 will include artificial intelligence, AR, live streaming and more. Prepare for the future using these top 10 digital marketing trends. 


It’s time all business sizes and types take advantage of AI marketing. Learn how to use AI marketing, its many benefits, challenges and tools get started with.  

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Learn how to come up with a blog name that readers will love with these 15 effective brainstorming strategies. Plus creative blog name ideas to inspire you.

Take a look at the best online form builders in the market. Read about the features, pricing and benefits of each and find the best choice for your needs.


With more than one billion active users, Instagram marketing has become a must for businesses. Here's what you need to know to build a successful strategy.

From website analytics and SEO to social media and customer service, here are some of the best digital marketing tools to use for running a successful business.

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Types of Advertising_Featured.jpg

Here are the different types of advertising methods available and how to use them to grow your business. 

What is podcast hosting and why do you need it? Choose from these 15 best podcast hosting sites that will help you grow your audience of listeners. 

15 Best Podcast Hosting Sites of 2021 (I
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I don’t just answer “how long should a blog post be?” but also explain why blog length matters and how to write long-form posts that will rank. 

Learn how to make email automation an integral part of your growth strategy. See the best email automation use cases plus examples of brands that did it right. 

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Discover how to start a book blog. Learn how to pick a blog name, choose a template, write content and earn money blogging. 

Explore my favorite newsletter examples to help inspire yours. Learn what each email newsletter example has done well and how to apply these best practices.

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30 Powerful Call-to-Action Examples That Visitors Can’t Resist_FB.jpg

Here are the best call-to-action examples. Learn how to apply industry CTA best practices to your own upcoming campaigns to convert more customers. 

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to start a podcast. Learn how to pick a podcast topic, record, edit, publish and market your podcast. 


Learn how to make money on Instagram with our guide. From brand partnerships to affiliate programs, we’ll show you the most profitable examples out there.

Explore how to drive traffic to your website with both paid and free strategies. From guest blogging and SEO to retargeting, we've covered it all.  

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Holiday Marketing_ 13 Festive Campaign Ideas for 2021_Featured.png

These holiday marketing ideas will bring buzz around your business through contests, decorative website content, newsletters & more.

So fresh and so clean: your modern website design in 2022. Here are 11 elements to include for a modern site.

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From how to use Twitter to tools, tips and best practices, our beginner’s guide helps you get Tweeting in no time, with expert advice and instructions.  

There are several stages to achieving hypergrowth. In this article, we will walk through tips and challenges of hypergrowth plus advice from Wix leaders. 

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 Everything to know about social media marketing. From the right platforms and original content to building a strategy, this guide covers it all with examples. 

While your audio show may try to “speak for itself,” a podcast website can do a lot more for your growth. This article will dive into our 13 favorite podcast website examples.


Steve Kalifowitz, CMO at, shares his branding advice."Brand is about consistency: consistent behavior, really focusing down on who your audience is, and making sure that you're meeting them in the most honest way possible." Read the full article for more of his branding tips. 

We've scraped the top podcast charts, reviews and rankings to help you locate the best leadership podcasts to tune into from diverse options and formats. 

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