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Hi, I'm Lena

Seasoned writer and strategic marketing content creator with 9 years of valuable experience at Google, LinkedIn, and Wix. My forte is weaving impactful narratives across diverse platforms, user journeys, and touchpoints.


Skilled in exploring topics from various perspectives, crafting captivating digital content encompassing blog posts, newsletters, podcasts (check out my shows Girl You're Hired, and Beyond the Brochure) videos, and social media.


Currently enhancing my skills through a Master’s in Journalism at NYU within the prestigious Studio 20: Digital First program, where I study the intersection between journalism and technology.​



Lena Sernoff was born in Israel to parents of Austrian and American descent, endowing her with a rich cultural background. Growing up, Lena lived in various countries, including Switzerland, France, and Israel. At the age of 12, she embarked on a new chapter by moving to Portland, Oregon, where she spent her formative years. This diverse upbringing shaped her into a trilingual individual proficient in Hebrew, German, and English.

Upon reaching the age of 18, Lena's pursuit of higher education led her to Smith College, located in the town of Northampton, Massachusetts. At Smith, she passionately delved into the field of Anthropology, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree, all the while cultivating her creativity by pursuing a minor in Studio Art, with a particular focus on digital media, film, and photography.

After graduating in 2014, Lena relocated to the vibrant tech hub of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California. There, she embarked on her professional journey at LinkedIn, where she made significant contributions to the Marketing Solutions Department. In 2017, Lena took her talents to Google's Marketing Solutions team, working at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

In 2018, Lena decided to return to her roots, settling back in her homeland, Israel. In Tel Aviv, she channeled her passion for the English language and writing into teaching, becoming an English instructor. Additionally, Lena embarked on a career as a freelance marketing consultant, while simultaneously nurturing her creativity by initiating her personal blog and sharing her poetry with an online audience.


In 2020, she embraced a new challenge as she joined Wix as a Marketing Writer, further diversifying her skill set. Soon thereafter, she ventured into the world of podcasting, establishing herself as a captivating voice in the digital landscape and launching Girl You're Hired Podcast.

In 2022, Lena embarked on yet another exciting chapter in her life by relocating to New York City to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Journalism at New York University, enrolling in the renowned Studio 20: Digital First program led by the esteemed Jay Rosen.

Outside her professional pursuits, Lena cherishes her free time, which she fills with creative endeavors such as writing poetry, journaling, mentoring, and practicing photography. Her adventurous spirit leads her to explore new horizons through travel, and she enjoys the intellectual challenge of playing chess.

Coming from

I believe in declaring my perspective with a "coming from" statement. I'm joining other content creators, journalists, publications, and public figures in providing more transparency in journalism. This initiative was started by the people in Studio 20's 2022 cohort at NYU's Carter Journalism Institute, led by Director Jay Rosen. Learn more at

I come from


  • I come from a liberal artist village in Northern Israel.

  • I come from an all women's historical college education (Smith College) with a strong foundation built on gender equality, feminism and social justice.

  • I come from tech and business and have seen the corporate side of things.  

  • The fears that drove me into journalism is that not all narratives are depicted in a fair and unbiased way.

  • The fascinations that drove me into journalism is that through the digital web and your well informed and researched opinion you can help shape someone's reality and help change their outcomes for the better - because of the words you chose and the way you helped present reality.

  • I believe good journalism helps turn on a light bulb for someone, to see things in a new way, to help close knowledge gaps and the most satisfactory part is hearing your content has helped someone be better informed and improve their life for the better.


Things I'm currently thinking about:


  • The future of AI and its impact on culture, society, and the workforce (especially content creation and journalism). How will these new personal assistants empower us?

  • NLP and Positive psychology and how changing harmful thinking patterns can transform your well-being. Why have our brains learned such negative self talk? We need more gyms for the mind.

  • The shift in discussing in understanding mental health and its treatments. How has the stigma really changed? How do we respond to people sharing their stories? Do we have the right tools to respond to a personal mental health crisis story?

  • Careers and fulfillment across income, impact and appreciation in the workforce. Why do we get shoved into choosing between meaningful lower-paying jobs and stressful high-paying jobs?

  • Cultural norms and the role religion and upbringing play in spiritual practices, community building and the sense of belonging. When do religious practices confine and when do they open us to the unimaginable?


Things I keep in mind as I grow personally and professionally:

  1. Always be learning (anything!).

  2. It's not always as complex as it seems - remember "effortless action."

  3. Everyone was a beginner at first, so just get started.

  4. Gratitude attitude - change every negative thought with "but I have to say I am really grateful for_" and see your life improve.

  5. Anything you can dream of you can make happen. Many roads lead to Rome, sometimes you just need to take the road less traveled or hell with it, build your own damn road.


Here is a quick overview of what I'm up to these days!

Studio 20 NYU


I am currently enrolled in NYU's Studio 20: Digital First program, where I am learning to become a change-maker in journalism. In this program, I am gaining a deep understanding of how to bring innovation to digital newsrooms and test my ideas against real-world constraints. I am participating in studio-style courses where I work in small teams on projects from established media companies and digital start-ups. Our goal is to find practical solutions and recommend innovations that can be implemented, while also building our portfolios as change-makers in the industry. The program focuses on teaching us the fundamental skills to plan, design, prototype, test, improve, launch, debug, and evolve new products and ways of working in journalism. Upon graduation, I hope to work in a "bridge role" that bring together business, editorial, tech, and audience perspectives.

Podcast Hosting and producing

I am a podcast host and producer of Girl You're Hired specializing in providing job interview tips and advice. Drawing on my experiences working at LinkedIn and Google, I bring a unique perspective on the job hiring world and the rigors of the interview process. My goal is to share my in-depth knowledge on how to prepare for the most challenging interview scenarios.

NYU Graduate Admissions Assistant 

As a Graduate Marketing and Admission Consulting Assistant at NYU, I lead tours and consultations for prospective students, providing them with information on the graduate and professional school admissions process. I also help with creating content for the university's graduate admissions social media and online platforms such as short videos and blogs.

Journaling everyday

Maintaining a daily journal has been a transformative practice for me. As I take a moment to reflect on the things I am grateful for, I am able to cast a more positive light on my life, and shift my focus from negativity. Journaling not only brightens my outlook, but it also serves as a reminder of my personal growth and progress over time. Through the act of recording my thoughts and experiences, I have been able to gain valuable insight into myself, leading to a deeper sense of self-discovery and growth.

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