Why Work and College are More Similar Than You Think

In the corporate world we sometimes hear our fellow employees reminisce on their glorious college days, “Oh man, I miss college.”

On the other hand, we also hear the criticism;

“Nothing I learned in school applies to my current job.”

As a recent college graduate, and for the timeliness for those who are returning to school this fall, I would like to share with you three reasons I believe work and college are similar, and point out some of the themes and lessons that transcend through both life occasions.

1. Relationships Matter

In both a work setting and a college setting, the people you surround yourself with and embrace as mentors will be invaluable to your success.

One of our core values at LinkedIn is building and maintaining authentic professional relationships. In the workforce having great relationships is key to success, as mentors and colleagues can have a great impact on your career. Whether it’s networking for your next role, or having mentors who provide career advice and guidance, relationships matter.

Similarly, relationships matter in college. Rather than managers or executives, it is professors, counselors or Deans who help guide you through your path to success. For example, having a strong working relationship with your professor, one where you stop at their office hours on a weekly basis, will drive not only a more thriving classroom experience but you have a mentor in academia that will then be in your network for guidance when choosing your major, evaluating your performance or when writing your recommendation for grad school or an internship per say.