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How To Travel In Switzerland Like A Pro

Planning a trip to Switzerland? A place to consider is St. Moritz. St. Moritz is a luxury resort town in Switzerland’s alps! Besides some of the best ski and snowboarding slopes in the world (two winter olympics were held there) St. Moritz has such a cute town with wooden houses, cozey cafes, a beautiful lake and a forest all around it.

A must do when you visit is going on a carriage ride through the forest under blankets, when my family and I did it, I felt I was a princess in a Disney movie! Even 5 years later I remember that night as through it were yesterday.

When we arrived we took the train from Zurich and it was the most scenic beautiful train ride I’ve ever been on. The train tracks went through winding roads and forests and mountains and it allowed me to see so much of Switzerland before arriving to St Moritz. Taking the train is also a cost efficient way to get there.

If you’re looking for your next winter vacation, this must be it!


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