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Must-Visit Places in Havana, Cuba

Do you wish you could travel back in time? If so, visit Cuba.

Havana is one of the most enchanting places on this earth! The streets are filled with vibrant music such as Buena Vista Social Club cover songs. All the vintage cars and buildings are so picturesque.

Havana is right on the water so you can go to nearby beaches that have crystal clear light turquoise water.

I had the privilege of studying abroad there when I was studying Anthropology. Here are my insider tips:

Food and Drink:

El Jardín Oriente: cheap $1.50 mojitos

Churus: on the street carts

El Europea or Santo angel: delicious local cuban restaurant in Plaza Vieja

Cafe Chocolat. Must try the "cold hot chocolate." We went there like every week!


Social Revolution Museum

Plaza De la Revolución: iconic Che's face

Casa De Africa - is a mini free museum where my school was.

Music Club:

Club 1830: Outdoor dance salsa club


The Malecón: walk on the water front pier

Cigar tobacco factory

National Capitol Building


El Mar Azul: most beautiful blue water just 10 min drive outside of Havana.


Hotel Los Friles: It’s an old momentary turned to a hotel so it still has that design to it. I stayed there for 3 weeks while studying there.

Did you know you can see Havana from the back seat of a vintage convertible car? It costs about $40 for an hour or $99 for a day and you can have a driver take you around Havana and stop and take amazing photos along the way! There are many of these rental/taxi cars parked near the National Capitol building!


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