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Disney Princesses Living in New York City - Imagined by AI

In the bustling streets of New York City, where the urban jungle meets the everyday magic of everyday life, Disney princesses have embarked on a journey unlike any other. They've traded their fairy tale kingdoms for the iconic cityscape, and their enchanted castles for skyscrapers that touch the sky. In this enchanting blog series, we invite you to join us as we delve into the lives of your favorite Disney royalty amidst the vibrant backdrop of the Big Apple in 2023. Midjourney AI image generation and ChatGPT were used to bring this blog post to life.

01. Snow White in Times Square

"Why are there so many hot dog vendors? I guess I'll go for a caramelized apple."

Midjourney prompt: Snow white princess elaborate gown in blue top and yellow bottom, dark hair, head and shoulders portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo, eating a red apple in times square, hyper real photography

02. Mulan in Central Park

"Let's get down to business, to defeat slow walkers."

Midjourney prompt: mulan princess elaborate gown, asian, dark hair, full body portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo walking her dog in central park new york

03. Belle at the New York Public Library

"This library is bigger than Beast's castle's library, and that's saying something!"

Midjourney prompt: Princess Belle Visiting the New York Public Library to read her favorite books. head and shoulders portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo

04. Cinderella Takes the New York Subway

"Who needs a pumpkin carriage when you have the A train?"

Midjourney prompt: cinderella princess elaborate gown, massive curly long blond hair, head and shoulders portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo. on new york subway

05. Ariel visits The Statue of Liberty

"I gave up my voice for legs, but this lady still has hers!"

Midjourney prompt: Princess Ariel, elaborate gown, sitting on a boat with the statue of liberty in the back, full body portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo, hyper real

06. Pocahontas walks The Brooklyn Bridge

"Nothing like colors of the wind and the colors of a New York sunset."

Midjourney prompt: pocahontas princess, elaborate gown, dark hair, native american, pretty eyes, 8k photo, walking over brooklyn bridge in new york in the fall, hyper real photography

07. Rapunzel on her Manhattan fire escape

"Forget the tower; this is the best spot for stargazing in the city!"

Midjourney prompt: Princess Rapunzel, elaborate gown, her in a long braid, standing on fire escape From a high-rise apartment in Manhattan, pretty eyes, 8k photo, hyper real photography

08. Jasmine shops at Whole Foods

"From a whole new world, to a whole set of new prices at Whole Foods"

Midjourney prompt: jasmine princess elaborate gown, dark hair, full body portrait, pretty eyes, 8k photo, grocery shopping at wholefoods, hyper real photography

Which image is your favorite? Who else should I make next? Let me know in the comments.

By Lena Sernoff

This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools.


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