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Digging into the Concrete Jungle: Uncovering the Hidden Stories of NYC's Job Market through Data Jou

It's time to dig deeper on the stories we tell as journalists. To make a bigger impact with more weight and authority, we turn to data journalism as a way to level up our work.

To give it a go, I experimented with Colab Notebooks which allow you to combine executable code and rich text in a single document, along with images, HTML, LaTeX and more. I then used NYC Open Data to find a data set I wanted to query and tell a short story about.

There were so many options to choose from but I came across NYC Jobs which contains 6,303 rows and 30 columns. On the site it says "This dataset contains current job postings available on the City of New York’s official jobs site ( Internal postings available to city employees and external postings available to the general public are included."

To breakdown how I get my data going, I followed these steps:

1. Opened a new Colab Notebook and described my project.

2. In the NYC Jobs dataset I went to the API and coopied the endpoint as a CSV file and plugged it into the Cloab Notebootk with a r=request.get.

3. To import I used the text "import pandas as pd" and "df = pd.read_csv('')" to read the CSV file.

4. I then asked the tool to help me understand the number of positions open in each category "df.groupby (['number_of_positions']).count ()"

5. To make things a bit more visual I used the following code to create a graph "ax =,figsize=(10,10))"

Key data for my story :

  • DEPT OF PARKS & RECREATION has the biggest amount of open positions with 250 roles to fill followed by the NYC HOUSING AUTHORITY that has 200 open roles.

  • The current highest paying job range is for the FIRE DEPARTMENT, a role such as "First Deputy Commissioner" can earn between $116,506 -$252,165.

  • 53% which accounts for the highest percent of jobs are classified as Experienced (non-manager). The second highest category is 37% which are Entry-Level.

Let's tie it together:

"According to recent data on job openings in New York City, the Department of Parks & Recreation and the NYC Housing Authority have the largest number of positions to fill, with 250 and 200 open roles respectively. The highest paying job range is in the Fire Department, with positions such as "First Deputy Commissioner" earning between $116,506 and $252,165. In terms of job classification, 53% of the available roles are classified as Experienced (non-manager), with the second highest category being Entry-Level at 37%. These statistics provide valuable insight into the current job market in New York City, and may be of interest to those seeking employment opportunities in the city."


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