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4 Tips For Photographing Buildings

Most people walk down the sidewalk these days looking at their phone trying to look just a meter a head to prevent bumping into an oncoming pedestrian. Sadly, we are missing out on the chance to see so many beautiful things around us, including buildings! If you are building a photography portfolio or are just looking to add more aesthetic post to break out your selfie posts on your instagram feed then you might want to consider paying attention and photographing more buildings! After all they are all around you.

Here are some things I look for when I choose which buildings to photograph and post:

  1. Different colored doors, windows, and shutters (such as the baby blue ones in this photo).

  2. Greenery and flowers/plants growing on the building or outside of it (such as these pink bougainvillea flowers).

  3. Unique shapes of doors and windows (such as the arches here).

  4. The overall “timeless” feel of the building, I find that older vintage buildings have more character and photograph well!

If the building you chose has some or all of those features just throw a vintage filter on it.


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