Israel's Paradise: Gan HaShlosha National Park. 5 Tips To Read Before Going

If you come to visit Israel or are already living here, I highly recommend a day trip to Gan Hashlosha National Park also knows as סחנה in Hebrew. Gan Hashlosha National Par a fresh water spring with a beautiful water fall. It’s really family friendly and great for a picnic and a day in the sun and clean fresh water.

Before going, check out these tips:

1. Make sure to book your ticket and date you’re going in advance on their website. There is a small entrance fee to the park

2. Wear water shoes as there are some pointy rocks on the ground

3. Pack a blow up float because you can float down some small rivers and streams and it can be really fun

4. Pack snacks as the food options there are limited.

5. Bring a camera because it’s a super Instagramable spot!