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Best Hotel In Eilat: The Reef By Herbert Samuel

Now a-days there are endless possibilities of where to stay when you got on Holiday. You can choose between a hotel, an Airbnb or in Israel at Zimmer. It can be harder than ever to find that perfect spot to book and it can take hours of searching the web. After my recent visit to Eilat, I thought I'd share more about where I stayed!

For anyone looking to stay at a boutique hotel while in Eilat Israel the Reef By Herbert Samuel is highly recommended! It’s located at a quiet beach with close proximity to the Dolphin Reef (where you can scuba dive with dolphins which is so much fun) and Mosh Beach both of which you can get to by a 10 min bike ride that you can rent for free from the hotel.

market of clay pots

Photo tip: I’m not sure about you but I love recreating vintage photos! The minute I saw these striped blue and white cushions I knew I wanted to photograph them! Whenever you put a vintage filter on bright colors they really add to the timeless feel!

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